Short & Long Term Disability

Short & Long Term Disability Plans

A serious illness or accident can have a devastating, often irreversible, effect on a family’s financial well-being and future. Short and Long Term Disability Programs help provide paycheck protection for an employee when off work due to a qualifying disability. No employee today can afford to be without a paycheck for any extended period of time. A good, solid disability program is essential to every employee and their families, yet many employees neglect to seek out and purchase this very important financial protection.

The following features are available with these plans, and they are easily enrolled and issued.

Short-Term Disability Policy Features Can Include:

  • Guarantee Issue Underwriting is Available
  • Affordable Premiums
  • Payroll Deducted and Portable
  • Various Elimination Periods Available
  • Pre-taxable under Section 125 Plans
  • Pre-X Take-Over Credit Available for Groups

Long-Term Disability Policy Features Can Include:

  • Guarantee Issue with Participation
  • Limited Medical Underwriting For Most Group Sizes
  • Payroll Deductible Premiums
  • 5 Year Benefit Periods or Up-To Age 65 Available
  • Portability Available