Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance

We offer Critical Illness plans that take a different approach to traditional critical illness insurance.

Typically, critical illness policies are sold directly to employees by outside insurance agents after the employer has selected a major healthcare plan for employee benefits, usually with higher deductibles.

We have found that employees are very receptive — even eager — to purchase low-cost critical illness insurance policies.

Employees especially like that upon diagnosis, a lump sum benefit is paid directly to them. The funds can be used however they see fit — to cover lost wages, family travel and lodging, out-of-pocket medical expenses, or other needs.

But employees are often frustrated in their attempt to purchase critical illness insurance plans.

We say “attempt” because most typical critical illness plans carefully screen whom they cover through medical underwriting.

Age-banded, smoker and non-smoker rates, and other challenges make it virtually impossible for census enrollment of these products or to package one with a high-deductible health plan.

Our optional employer-paid Critical Illness plans allow for census enrollment and resolve most of the other issues, making it a valuable offering for your clients.

Plan Highlights

  • Lump Sum Payment to Employee upon Diagnosis
  • Guarantee Issue for Employee and Family
  • Children Automatically Covered when Employee Enrolls
  • $5,000 of Coverage Available at Very
  • Low Rates
  • Buy-Up Options for Employee Available
  • 12/12 Pre-Existing Clause
  • Initial Diagnosis Benefit
  • Additional Diagnosis Benefit
  • Reoccurrence Diagnosis Benefit
  • Annual Health Screening Benefit